Subject Re: access violation in module fbclient.dll
Author petesouthwest
Hi again
One of the procedures in the sequence causing the problem was
opening a IBOquery. If, after opening the IBOquery, I chose an
option that runs a procedure that caused IBOtable components to be
opened, I then get the Access Violation error. I found that if I do
a .edit and then .post for the IBOquery, I do not get the error
running the second procedure.
Can anyone please explain why this is. Although the original
problem has gone, I am wary of the 'fix' as I am not sure why the
problem was ocurring in the first place and now how I 'fixed' it.
Many thanks for any help given

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<petesouthwest@h...> wrote:
> Hi
> I have fixed the problem from my previous posting by changing the
> query.recordcount to code that uses a 'select count(*) from
> sql code, as suggested. However the problem now occures on a
>; statement. The problem is 100% repeatable but
> only on 1 sequence of events/procedures that involve several
> and tables being activated/deactivated and a 'post'. Change the
> sequence and everything works fine. I am stuck at tracking this
> further. What kind of thing causes this 'access violation in
> fbclient.dll' error?
> Many thanks for any help given
> Pete