Subject Re: [IBO] Using IBOQuery with DBGrid to modify data
Author abedna2000
> You still have to maintain an uniquekey.
> Or use an after insert trigger with
> if (New.UniqueKey is null) then New.UniqueKey = GenId(MyGenerator);
> Then set TIBOQuery.BufferSynchroFlags = bsAfterInsert to see this
> UniqueKey update.
> I'll email you an working example

Hello, thanks for help, I think I already solved the problem, had to
set IBOQuery.BufferSynchroFlags to [bsBeforeEdit,bsAfterEdit], now it
seems to work properly.

Noticed something interesting: fields of the resulting SQL statement
may be edited either if no uniquekey column was selected. For example
I select only one column which acts as a boolean flag - not a key -
and then I'm still able to change the values and the changes are
reflected in the database. I tested that :-)

Best regards