Subject RE: [IBO] 'access violation in module fbclient' when recordcount executed
Author Alan McDonald
> I have a project that includes 2 procedures, that use 2 seperate IBO
> queries. The first procedure, clears the first query's sql, adds a
> new simple 'select * from table1 where' style statement, opens the
> query and then does a record count. The second procedure uses a
> different query to access data in the same table ie table1. If i run
> procedure1, then procedure 2 and then procedure 1 again, I
> occasionally get the error access violation in module fbclient.dll
> when the first procedure does the recordcount in the second call.
> Any any ideas of why this happens?
> Thanks
> Pete

do you close the queries before you clear the SQL?
Do you know that it's quicker to add the SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TABLE sql and
execute that instead of doing the select then counting?