Subject RE: [IBO] Passing an IB_Connection to a dll function
Author Kevin Stanton
Thanks Daniel, I'll check it out.
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Subject: Re: [IBO] Passing an IB_Connection to a dll function


At November 4, 2004, 11:51, Kevin Stanton wrote:

> Would love to see a sample app on this one. I've got a large app and am
> getting to the point of needing to break it up into modules.

Why not use a good plugin architecture? That's what we're doing for
the next version of our application. We're using SmartPlugin from
Athrasoft( ). There's also the
one from TMS ( ). There's the one from Dragon
Soft ( ). And, there's also one
in the JVCL.

We chose SmartPlugin because of it IDE wizard, simple to use(once you
get the concept) and has the ability to send messages between a plugin
and the host, vice versa, or even plugin to plugin. It also has it's
own exception handler. And, the plugins can unload themselves, just be
entering one line of code in the plugin. And, the community is
helpful(you'll also find in the samples section, a sample that uses
IBO). You'll have to register(no purchase necessary) in the community
to see the samples. I find the product quite mature and the author
quite responsive to questions.

Best regards,
Daniel Rail
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