Subject Re: [IBO] Passing an IB_Connection to a dll function
Author Daniel Rail

At November 4, 2004, 00:37, Robert martin wrote:

> In our app we have an ability to call a Dll function each time and
> transaction is processed. Under Dbase we just connected to the database for
> a second time, under Firebird this would require another connection (which
> can be slow). We want to avoid this, can a Ib_Connection be passed to a dll
> function?

What I usually do, is pass the TIB_Connection.dbHandle property to the
DLL and assign it to the TIB_Connection.dbHandleShared property in the
DLL. And, you don't have to call Connect and Disconnect, since you are
already using an existing connection handle.

> If that is possible, is there any problem if it is passed from a thread in
> the main application?

If the DLL is dynamically loaded and unloaded within the context of the thread,
then I don't see any problems. Otherwise, there would most likely be

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