Subject RE: [IBO] ib_listbox
Author Jason Wharton
> just curious - wouldn't listbox display all dataset's content (as
> ib_grids do) or this should be made manually? are ib_listbox scroll
> current dataset record (cursor resides on the server side)?


Though the cursor resides in the buffered dataset on the client. Not on the
server and not in the control. Although IBO can blur this between the
buffered dataset and the server some due to its features. Cursors can
remain open on the server if the buffers have not fetched all the records
yet, but the grid itself uses a record pointer into the buffer.

> one feature which standart listboxes miss - items & itemvalues :)

Seems like there ought to be a better way. If you like, use a dataset in
cached updates mode and insert in your Items and ItemValues and when you are
done with it cancel the updates and the server will never know about it
other than to have a prepared statement.

Jason Wharton