Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Query/SP/KeyLinks
Author Jason Wharton

Using MasterParamLinks is perfectly acceptible in this manner.
Using KeyLinks with a select procedure is not advisable, at this point.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: RE: [IBO] IB_Query/SP/KeyLinks
> > With a SP as your detail set, there is no cursor, so there can't
> > be a WHERE
> > clause. Even if you have the parameters right (which you
> > haven't), the SP
> > has to execute each time the master scrolls. To make this
> work, you have
> > to write a SSP that takes only the bound master field(s) as
> its input.
> >
> I told a fib - this is what I should have said
> I have an IB_Query set with the following SQL
> I have the KeyLinks property set to 'FIELD1'
> and the MasterParamLinks set to 'FK_SECCODE=FK_SECCODE'
> where this field is present in the mastersource datasource dataset.
> the only thin missing is the Mast. prefix - is that all
> that's going wrong?
> Alan