Subject Re: [IBO] Multithreaded application problem
Author Robert martin
Thanks Jason

Im not sure to what you mean by client library. If you are referring to the TwsTable component this is a simple wrapper around an IBOTable component. I doubt any of the added features are causing this issue, however I will test by replacing it with a standard IBO component and try.

ps I think your components are 'great'.

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From: Jason Wharton
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 5:25 PM
Subject: RE: [IBO] Multithreaded application problem

It also sounds like it could depend on the client library you are using.
There could be some issues outside of IBO that could be a factor. Hopefully
you can isolate things down better somehow.


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> Subject: Re: [IBO] Multithreaded application problem
> Hi Jason
> I believe that all my threads are creating and using
> individual sessions as shown, however I will check just in case.
> I previously did by initiation in the thread constructor but
> moved it here so the session was part of the thread (on
> advise I think). Each thread has its own session and each
> session is only used in 1 thread.
> We are using IBO components in the client side of this APP to
> port it over and use existing components. IBO objects are in
> use here for consistency and familiarity (I haven't used the
> native components much).
> Rob Martin
> Software Engineer
> phone 03 377 0495
> fax 03 377 0496
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