Subject Re: Searching without the Search bar capabilities
Author Marco Menardi
--- In, Arn <arn@f...> wrote:
> Hi all.
> I cannot find the answers in the archive of Yahoo.
> I need to perform a manual search.
> I do:
> with TIB_Query1 do begin
> Search;
> FieldToBeSearched := 'Test';<--- HERE is the problem
> Post;
> end;
> Please any hints.
> Thanks
> Arn

What does "here is the problem" mean?
Well, if you have controls in the form, and you want to do what the
search bar does, you have to use the control's SearchBuffer property.
Search mode criteria doesn't come from the field's buffer but a search
buffer that is associated to the control's datalink.
(i.e. IB_Edit1.SearchBuffer := 'Test'; )
Then use "First" (maybe also post works, but I use First and I've no
way to test it right now).
best regards
Marco Menardi