Subject RE: [IBO] Multithreaded application problem
Author Jason Wharton
It also sounds like it could depend on the client library you are using.
There could be some issues outside of IBO that could be a factor. Hopefully
you can isolate things down better somehow.


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> Subject: Re: [IBO] Multithreaded application problem
> Hi Jason
> I believe that all my threads are creating and using
> individual sessions as shown, however I will check just in case.
> I previously did by initiation in the thread constructor but
> moved it here so the session was part of the thread (on
> advise I think). Each thread has its own session and each
> session is only used in 1 thread.
> We are using IBO components in the client side of this APP to
> port it over and use existing components. IBO objects are in
> use here for consistency and familiarity (I haven't used the
> native components much).
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