Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_SToredProc problems
Author Daniel Jimenez
> Because it is loaded with a whole lot of stuff you don't use
> for executable SPs. I believe Jason developed it to pander
> to some folk who didn't know how to live without a StoredProc
> component. (Like the Queen needs another
> hat!!) TIB_DSQL just rips in there and does the job without
> all the hoo-haa.
> FWIW, a TIB_Query does a much nicer job than the storedproc
> component with selectable SPs, as well.
> Helen

Can argue with that!!! I will have to use a combination of TIB_DSQL and
TIB_Query, as one of the Procs is a select so multiple rows may be return
which is NO NO with DSQL from what I see in the DOC.

Thanks for the info

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