Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_SToredProc problems
Author Daniel Jimenez
> Forget about TIB_StoredProc. Use TIB_DSQL. Use EXECUTE
> PROCEDURE in your SQL property, use Execute to execute it,
> read Fields[] after execution to read the return values. Use
> parameters for re-executions of the same proc and keep it
> prepared beween re-executions.
> There's not much point in recycling a SP or DSQL object; but
> if you want to do so with a tib_dsql, you can.
> Helen

Hi Helen,

I am not sure I have explained myself clearly from your solution.

The question is: Is it possible to use a single TIB_StoredPorc or TIB_DSQL
to execute different Proc's on the same DB, taking into account that the
different proc's have different Params.

ie, I have six different stored/select proc's where one of them is selected
for execution at runtime based on certain application states. As the
application state changes a different execute procedure is used. I'm trying
to avoid using a different TIB_StoredProc per execute procedure defined in
the DB.

I hope this is clearer. Thanks again for your time.


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