Subject RE: [IBO] Data Aware components - question
Author Malcolm Smith

I'm writing this on behalf of Daniel (my co-worker) to try and explain what
he is trying to achieve.

In Daniel's GUI he has a number of TIB_Edit components that display data
from the current row of the TIB_Cursor.

Let's assume he has the RequestLive property to true - under these
circumstances the user can edit the contents of the TIB_Edit controls and
have the changes posted back to the database. In Daniel's case, he cannot
use 'RequestLive = true' because of multiple tables etc.

When using 'RequestLive = false' the TIB_Edit controls become disabled and
therefore the user is not able to edit the contents of the fields.

Daniel is basically asking how can he enable the controls so the data can be
edited, followed by a manual construction of the required xxxxSQL statement.
If this is not possible, is his only alternative approach to use non-db
aware controls. Other than that, what other choices does he have ?

Malcolm Smith
Analyst Programmer
Comvision Pty Ltd

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>If I was to set the RequestLive to False. How do you modify the data via
>TIB_Edit components? As they become disable the moment the RequestLive is
>set to False.

I don't understand the question.