Subject RE: [IBO] About Blob Filters
Author Jason Wharton
It is possible if you follow the example in IB_SQL where I show the BLR for
the stored procedure source. That is how I learned BLR was to typecast it
as BLR text so that even though it is stored as binary language
representation I get the textual output via a blob filter.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: Re: [IBO] About Blob Filters
> Blob filters can be invoked *only* using API (or more precisely
> using BPB), either called "by hand", or generated from Embedded SQL.
> Declared blob sub_type in database is just advisory value
> (pretty much the same as segment size).
> I have not used IBObjects for a long time, so I have no idea
> whether calling blob filters is supported.
> It is not possible to call blob filter via pure SQL or PSQL.
> Ivan