Subject RE: [IBO] Field Properties, Column Attribute - Question
Author Daniel Jimenez
Hi Helen,

Thank you for your help.

I am sorry for not using the correct Field Property name "FieldsVisible",
and referring to it as the "Visible property", not a very smart thing to do,
when asking for help and communicating though email .

>The property you want is FieldsVisible (not Visible!!). If you are going
to do this on >the Connection, you must set each field like this in
IB_Connection's FieldsVisible by
>qualifying the column name with the table name, e.g.

I have gone though the Help files and the TechInfo Sheet once more, in the
hope that I may have missed some information which could help me discover
errors in the way I am trying to do things.

Normally prior to posting any question to the group, I would test all
possible alternatives (i.e. in the case of FieldsVisible, set the property
at the TIB_Connection level, if this fails, set it at the TIB_Cursor level,
if this fails try to do it though code, etc).

I also read though all documentation at hand, and as I am new to IBObjects,
and I am aware that TIB_Query is much easier to use, as a novice, in
comparison to TIB_Cursor, I try what ever I am having difficulties with (in
a TIB_Cursor) on a TIB_Query. For example in this particular case, which I
am trying to set the FieldsVisible property of a TIB_Cursor, TIB_CursorGrid
combination, I tried on a TIB_Query TIB_Grid combination, and to my delight
it work first go.

You are right in pointing out the fact that I should use following format:

[< tablename >.]< columnname >=F[ALSE]

Unfortunately I did not state this correctly in my previous email fact that
I had tried with and without it. This can also be said for the
ColumnAttributes problem I am having when trying to use the


Any help, suggestion, criticism or laughter would be welcome at this stage,
as I am totally out of ideas regarding what I am doing wrong.

I am now wondering if I should be using a TIB_Query, TIB_Grid combination.
If possible, could you explain to me when would you use a TIB_Cursor,
TIB_CursorGrid combination as opposed to using a TIB_Query, TIB_Grid
combination. If you require further information regarding what I am trying
to archive, please let me know so I can provide this details.

Thank you