Subject RE: [IBO] searchkeybykey
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Calin,

> I not sure I understand correctly the question

Yes, you did :-)

> but SearchKeyByKey in TIB_Grid is used to perform incremental search
> on the tib_grid itself without using a TIB_search.

I never knew this, but it works indeed! You must also set
AllowIncSearch to true.

> In order to use the function though you must set your grid to
> readonly. and then if type something inside the grid it
> incrementaly search provided that you have an ordered column.

The help suggests that the grid doesn't even have to be ReadOnly. You
can assign a key (IncSearchHotKey) to toggle between edit and search
mode. (Of course it's possible that this key toggles ReadOnly as part
of its workings.)

Paul Vinkenoog