Subject Re: [IBO] Future of IBObjects
Author radevojvodic
> What kinds of things do you want or expect from IBO?
> Jason Wharton

I tried to raise this issue few times earlier. In my opinion there
are few things that should be done in near future. First, something
should be done about XP themes. IBO does not support XP themes
although XP is here for a couple of years. Connectivity for report
generators should be included for native IBO (QReport,
ReportBuilder, FastReports). Setup procedure should be implemented.
More detailed help.

Another thing that i have on my mind is user's privileges. Is there
a way to check user rights on IB-FB table or Stored procedure and
according to them to enable/disable (insert, update, delete)
operations in TIB_Query or TIB_StoredProcedure? I mean can this be
implemented in IBO code, or is there another way to implement user's