Subject Re: [IBO] New Release
Author Daniel Rail

At October 9, 2004, 07:13, Adrian Wreyford wrote:

> I'm still running 4.3Aa, the release after I upgraded the subscription.

> I notice still no new releases.

> When is the new release due, ? after a year?

> Will this then require another upgrade licence.

Jason gave an answer to the same question early yesterday(that's the
timestamp of the message that I have).

Here's the message again:

[Start quote...]
Very good question. I'm sure you are not alone. Everyone who has a bug
that has been fixed may request an extension to deal with a bug they
are having trouble with. I am also going to give a discounted price to
all those who upgrade within a short duration of time once the next
release is put out. I plan to have much less frequent releases but
longer than 6 months is too long so I'm overdue already.

Jason Wharton
[...End quote]

> Few minor bugs, but otherwise stable.

> Have you been working at other projects the last year?

He's always been working on other projects and still putting some time
for IBO.

And, with the arrival of his fifth child at the end of May of this
year, I would guess that that kept him a little busy as well, before
and after the delivery.

> Have you got a surprise up your sleeve?

Jason has been talking about an actual version 5.0 for some time. But,
I suppose the spare free time isn't really on his side right now. But,
I'm sure he'll get it out. Although, I doubt it will be the next
update that he's talking about, unless he pulls it off.

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