Subject RE: [IBO] Re: Connection string to FilePath?
Author Alan McDonald
> Why not? The application can read aliases.conf like any other
> file. Assuming Russell's software is attaching to a Fb 1.5 server, of
> course...
> 1. Use the alias in the gbak -b call
> 2. Read the alias from aliases.conf to find the absolute path to
> the database
> 3. Parse that to get the structure part of the path (sans disk)
> 4. Incude an input field to collect the shared drive name from the user
> (who is presumably an administrator and therefore should know)
> 5. Apply duct tape and you've got the network database path to the
> database file. Proceed to rename it.
> Note, you can have an alias in aliases.conf for the name of the temporary
> database that you restore to, to verify the backup. You can use
> aliases in
> both the backup and restore commands.
> Don't forget to make sure that any database you restore for
> production use
> is restored by the owner.
> Helen

I've got an even better idea - just get the administrator to share the C
drive of the server and give permissions to "everyone". Then you won't have
to do any difficult translating at all.