Subject RE: [IBO] Re: Connection string to FilePath?
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Alan
> Agree again that the task is not easy. Agree the task would be
> tricky. But we can't answer negatively for this reason. You have
> likely guessed I am asking this question as its related to a
> discussion a day ago on IBOAdmin. After making a backup of a DB file
> at <server>:<path> I want to then delete <net_path.fileA> and then
> rename <net_path.fileB>. If there is no nice function to do what I
> want I'll have to ask the operator to show me where the database file
> directory is. The operator will then get laugh loudly, "All these
> months your program has been managing my data and you don't know
> where the db file is?"
> Regards
> Russell

you can backup as much as you like from the client. you can even backup to
the client's local filesystem across the network (as long as your network
admin doesn't catch you :-))
but this whole restore thing you've been chasing is ideally done at the
server. not by some client process. And I wouldn't trust events to manage
the stuff you propose either.
good luck