Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_Text question
Author Daniel Jimenez
Hi Mark,

Thank you

Comvision Pty. Ltd.

Hi Daniel,
The TIB_Text is used to display the contents of a field (ie almost
like a read-only TIB_Edit). If you want to display the Field name, use
either a TIB_Label and set the focus property to the edit control you
want to have linked, or use the TIB_x control's AutoLabel property and
set the AutoLabel's Kind property albLeft or albTop to give you a label
that follows the control around.

If you want more from the AutoLabel and/or more documentation on the
AutoLabel stuff, see my AutoLabel enhancement in the files section of
this yahoo group. The file is and inside the zip file
the IBC_Label.pas file is the one that contains the documentation for
the auto-label.

I'm hoping Jason at least extracts the comments for the Autolabel stuff
for the next release as the AutoLabel is a bit perverse when you first
look at it...but darn useful :)