Subject Re: Admin components
Author russellbelding
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> Thank you everyone who replied. The information has been quiet
> helpful andi I do have a working version of IBOServices in use in
> application. One last question, there appears to be no
> IBOServicesSecurity component. What is everyone else doing to add
> users. I understand that simply accessing programatically
> security.fdb is not a good idea.

Jonathan, IBOAdmin supplies a SecurityServices component.
TIB_CONNECTION also allows you to add, delete and modify users with
its AlterUser(..) procedure. But to get a list of users you likely
need IBOAdmin SecurityServices.



> tia
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> >
> > I've tried to install IBOAdmin into CBuilder++ 6 but to no avail,
> is
> > there a workaround? IBServices from Borland does not appear to
> work
> > with Firebird 1.5 or else i am doing something wrong...if i want
> > use off the shelf components for administration, what other
> > alternatives do i have?
> >
> > Jon Freedman