Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery sample? [updated]
Author Ronan van Riet
Hello Helen,

Thanks again for your time!

1- I am on Firebird 1.5 R7, and IBO v.4.3Aa (25-NOV-2003)
2- IBExpert tells me I am running Server Version Firebird 1.5. The IBO
version string taken from TIB_Connection (where TIBOQuery's IB_Connection is
pointing to) is also 4.3.Aa

Please let me know if this is not sufficient information.

Thanks again,
Ronan van Riet

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But FIRST, before I spend any more time on this --- a serious consideration
right now --- I need to know *exactly* what database server and client
version you have on your development machine. Tell me
1 - what you think you are running in both cases
2 - what the version strings on the server executable and the client
library tell you.