Subject Re: [IBO] Help installing
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:20 PM 27/01/2004 -0200, you wrote:
>Hello friends,
> I need your help! I'm trying to install IBObjects(the last evaluation
>version that i got from the site)following the help on the site, but when I
>get to the item:
> 3. Go to the Project menu and choose Build All Projects. This will
>compile all
> the packages, both run-time and design-time.
>I get the error:
>Undeclared Identifier: 'sLoginUserName'
>Undeclared Identifier: 'sLoginPassword'
>both on the unit IB_WebSnap; line 307:
>procedure TIB_CustomLoginFormAdapter.ImplGetFieldsList(AList: TStrings);
> AList.Clear;
> AList.AddObject( sLoginUserName, TObject(TAdapterUserNameField));
> AList.AddObject( sLoginPassword, TObject(TAdapterPasswordField));
>//!!! AList.AddObject( sLoginEmail,
>Can someone help me on what to do?

Don't try to install the Web packages unless you are running the Enterprise
edition of Delphi. Simply remove every package that has "W" in the name.