Subject Re: [IBO] User queries
Author Tim Ledgerwood
>I'm leaning toward a solution where I package a bunch of queries in a table,
>with verbose descriptions and SQL in different fields, and writing some
>system to get variables from the user. So my first example above might be
>called "significant donors within a group of people in one year" and would
>prompt the user to select the group, the year / dates to include, and the
>cut-off amount. This would also take a lot of work on my part, but at least
>I'd wind up with something well-integrated and usable by trained people.
>Any thoughts? Feel free to take this off-list if you don't think it's
>sufficiently IBO-specific.

Having had to do this several times, I have found that your approach works
well. SQL is too complex for users, and when you speak to them, you will
find that there are only a few reports that they really count on an want on
a regular basis.

Cut - off amounts and dates are good parameters to allow the users to control.

So basically what I am saying is that, in my experience, your approach is



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