Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Row.AsWideString?? Not Implemented??
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Allen,

>> AsWideString is a property of TIB_Column, not of TIB_Row, just like
>> the other AsWhatever props. (...)

> Thanks but here is the implementation (?) of that method from my
> version of IBO (4.3Aa)
> function TIB_Column.GetAsWideString: widestring;
> begin
> raise Exception.Create( 'Not implemented at this time.' );
> end;

Aaargh, you're right! I only checked if the methods existed, not what
they did... :-)

But you can use the subclasses TIB_ColumnText and TIB_ColumnVarText;
both have the WideString stuff implemented. And TIB_ColumnBlob too,
but there AsWideString is just rerouted through AsString.

Paul Vinkenoog