Subject Re: Detecting crash server
Author kokok_kokok
I am sorry, just now I have seen the reply of Jason Wharton in a
similar question asked today.

In any case, catching the throw can be a partial solution. Maybe
other "throws" can indicate "lost connections".

I would like to test the connection. Are there any way?

Thanks again

--- In, "kokok_kokok" <kokok_kokok@y...>
> For some reason, my app can crash a remote server.
> I need to detect when the connection is lost, in my app. I tried to
> use TIB_Connection.Connected propery, but it is always true.
> To simulate it, I start my program, then from Firebird Server
> Control, I stop the service, then I execute some SQL sentence in my
> program.
> The "connection lost" exception appears, but the
> TIB_Connection.Connected property is true.
> I suppose that this property indicates another thing, but I would
> like to known how I can detect is the current connection is valid.
> Thanks in advance