Subject Re: [IBO] Issue with TIBODataset.CanModify
Author Jason Wharton
I would probably allow your change if you also had it check to see if there
was any SQL entered into the EditSQL, InsertSQL and DeleteSQL properties.


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Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2004 11:47 PM
Subject: Re: [IBO] Issue with TIBODataset.CanModify

> Jason,
> J> There are some enhanced abilities of IBO this may not be ideal with.
> J> need to consider this carefully.
> Yep, putting together enhanced abilities with expected compatibility
> is always a source of headaches. Anyway, for a more correct "fix"
> please see my other followup post.
> The CanModify behaviour is very important for data-aware controls: if
> CanModify is False then the DBNavigator disables some buttons, the
> DBGrid doesn't try to insert when you scroll past the last record or
> press the Insert key, etc. The bottom line is: CanModify should return
> False in all the cases in which one or more of the following
> operations would raise a client-generated exception: insert, edit,
> delete. Hope this helps.