Subject Re: [IBO] How can I save the TIB_Grid layout
Author Lucas Franzen
Hi Karsten,

kstrobel2 schrieb:

> After the user modified column widths or column order in a TIB_Grid,
> how can I save the new layout, to the registry so?

use the FieldsDisplayWidth and FieldsIndex property of the Query.
Since both properties are TIB_StringLists (which is a descendant of
TStrings) you can easily access all values with the CommaText property.

MyQuery.FieldsDisplayWidth.CommaText := ReadValueFromRegOrWhereEver;

WriteValuetoReg := MyQuery.FieldsDisplayWidth.CommaText;

I prefer storing that in the database itself, by building a
registry-likle table, since some customers dislike the registry being
filled (or even used) too much by the app.

And you've got one big advantage: Copying these entries from one user to
another is done easily with a Stroed Procedure, whereas coyping registry
settings is not that easy (since I experienced that most of the users
haven't got access to regEdit or regedt32).