Subject Re: using TIB_StatusDialog (Second Post)
Author Marco Menardi
--- In, "Paul Hope" <paulhope@a...> wrote:
> Hi
> I've tried using TIB_StatusDialog by just putting it my main form.
> adds IB_Dialogs to its uses clause which causes the error
> [Error] IB_UtilityBar.pas(282): Incompatible types:
'TIB_BaseFormClass' and
> 'Class reference'
> Am I trying to use this wrongly?
> Regards
> Paul

I've tried it (opened my project, a form for data entry, picked
StatusDialog from IBO palette and droped inside the form, recompiled),
but no error is generated.
I've IBO 4.3Aa, D6 pro
Just some ideas (but I don't know why your problem is generated): is
your IBO installed correctly? Did you left some "garbage" around from
previous versions?
Marco Menardi