Subject Re: *Solved* [IBO] TIB_Grid and multiselect - NOT - Oh yes it is :-)
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Ryan,

>> Turn off RowSelect and you're A-OK.

> Well that's not what my client wants. I guess I'll have to try and
> cobble my code a little then. I want RowSelect because with out it
> every cell can take focus. My client wants single row, no cell
> focus rect.

No problem. Just make sure that CurrentRowColor is the same as Color
(usually clWindow), and change the OnEnter/OnExit handlers so that
they turn RowSelect on and off instead of assigning values to
CurrentRowColor. No more focus rectangle - row highlight goes away
upon blur - client happy.

Or you could set CurrentRowColor to light grey for instance, or
whatever the client prefers; in the above situation it would only show
if the grid is not focused. If focused, the RowSelect property
"overrides" the CurrentRowColor with the Windows highlight color.

Paul Vinkenoog