Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Costants.pas and Firebird
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Eyder,

> How I configure the following constants to Firebird 1.5 ?
> // Version information

Like Set wrote: these are IBO - not IB/FB - version constants. You
should never touch them. If you change constants in IB_Constants.pas,
do so only *after* the word "resourcestring".

Depending on whether the "right" gds32.dll is present, you may need
to change something else so IBO looks for fbclient.dll instead of
gds32.dll. I don't know the details of this; if this is necessary in
your situation I suggest you search the group archive at Yahoo on

IBO has *no* constants specifying IB/FB version numbers, because it
will successfully connect to lots of versions. An IBO application is
not supposed to break if installed on a computer with another IB/FB
version, or if the server is upgraded!

Paul Vinkenoog