Subject Re: [IBO] Problem with OnCalculateField
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:52 AM 14/01/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Ihave recently upgraded to IB Objects 4.2Ib from 3.3Ba and most of
>our code works fine. However, our OnCalculateField events have
>started padding string fields. We use ARow.ByName('XXX').AsString to
>get the value, and this used to return the string trimmed but now
>seems to return the string padded. For example, code to return
>someones name:
>procedure TfrmDocSel.qryDocumentCalculateField(Sender: TIB_Statement;
> ARow: TIB_Row; AField: TIB_Column);
> AField.AsString:=ARow.ByName('FORENAME').AsString+' '+
> ARow.ByName('SURNAME').AsString;
>Now returns "Stuart Hunt " instead of "Stuart
>Hunt". I use calculated fields a lot and therefore don't want to have
>to manually trim the fields for al lthese cases.
>I have also ensured that the connection's DefaultNoTrimming property
>is FALSE.

That means that your character fields WON'T be trimmed, doesn't it?

>Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, or is this a problem with this
>version of IBObjects

..or the vicissitudes of double negatives? :-))

> and should I upgrade?

4.2 Ib is pretty old...