Subject Re: [IBO] OAT
Author Daniel Rail

At January 12, 2004, 13:33, Paul Hope wrote:

>> My guess is that this is not a read-only transaction, since it is easy
>> to teach people that they have to commit for their changes to be
>> visible. Maybe someone is monitoring your system, never turning their
>> computers off?

> Certainly some people never turn off their computers, and maybe don't even
> log out of my app, but things should still get committed.

An open query(no insert, no update, no delete) is enough to stop the
OAT from advancing, since it uses a transaction as well. And, if you
use the same transaction to insert, update and/or delete, then you can
see why the OAT might not be advancing.

>> You also have another problem that you do not know about: OAT issues
>> has nothing to do with IBO, so you should move this subject over to
>> the ib-support forum.
> Are you sure about that? I have suspician there are many ways of missusing
> IBO to produce OAT problems - I just dont understand it in enough detail. I
> will try ib_support anyway.

OAT problems can be produced with other connection solutions(other
than IBO), if the transactions are not handled properly(i.e.
transactions that are active for a long time).

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