Subject Re: Reporting Tool and IBObjects
Author Tim Meneely

Have you actually gotten Report Manager to work with IBO? I download it every
few months, spend half an hour trying to get the designer to talk to a
database using the IBO drivers, and eventually give up.

If you get the Report Manager Designer to work with IBO I'd be interested in
knowing how you did it. (I've never tried using the components in Delphi - I
figure if I can't design a report nothing else matters much).

Tim Meneely
Pittsburgh PA USA

On Friday 09 January 2004 9:34 am, Héctor Mansilla wrote:
> Hi Pedro !
> Other Great Reporting Tool under MPL License (Like GPL) is Report
> Manager.
> Check
> Works fine with IBO, and other Data Access.
> Have a nice day!
> Héctor Mansilla,
> Santiago-Chile.