Subject Re[2]: [IBO] How are IB_Session instances managed?
Author Nando Dessena

JW> What I would like is to figure out a way to separate the raw database stuff
JW> from the GUI stuff. That would be a pretty heavy re-write and I'll save that
JW> for EDO. Any thoughts you want to share on that would be welcome.

I only ever use the data access part of IBO so there's not very much I
can say. One thing that should be done for sure is try to get rid of
the references to the Forms unit et al in the data access units (which
involves getting away without TApplication - not an easy task
currently). We can get on this topic later, right now I am worried
enough by the scope of my current changes.

>> make it so that a
>> dataset's IB_Session is always that of the associated connection, as
>> explained above. The problem I would personally find in doing it is to
>> clean things up when the session and/or the connection are changed.

JW> This probably would do it. I support such a change in IBO. It should also be
JW> able to be transparent. Thus, things would look the same as they do now
JW> except that the IB_Session property of the TIB_Connection component would be
JW> published and writable. I like this. Then, the other components won'
JW> participate with a session until they get a connection reference.

Exactly; gotta need your help for the right places in which to put cleanup

JW> Now, how do you handle a transaction component that is connected to
JW> different connections? I think some kind of convention that the transaction
JW> will use the session for the first connection in its list.

Either that or an error if there's more than one session. I didn't
think about this case, it's gonna be tough.

>> I'm gonna need your assistence on a couple of thing I have broken
>> (like monitorning and connection pooling, just peanuts! ;-)) but the
>> work is almost finished.

JW> That's exciting. I have taken stabs at doing this in the past and it was
JW> monitoring that shut some of my ideas down. if something is going to need
JW> more major work, I'd rather it be the monitoring part. Looking forward to
JW> seeing what you have. From the sounds of it, there shouldn't be a tremendous
JW> amount of source changes.

Actually not as much as I expected. Not after you restructuring the
IB_Components unit for good, anyway. Tracing the changes would have
been more tedious before. I have marked all the changes with comments,
anyway. I don't think I'll have much time this w/e, but next week I
should be able to send you a first cut.

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