Subject Re: [IBO] Accessing SELECTED rows in a grid
Author skander_sp
> > I can know how many rows was selected, but need to access some
> > for I := 0 to IB_Query1.RowsSelected-1 do
> > if IB_Query1.selected[I] then
> > // HOW can I access some field at THIS point?
> Now you are on a selected row and you can do with your field
whatever you want by addressing the
> single fields for example by fieldname:
> IB_Query1.FieldByName('MyFirstField').AsInteger := 12345;
> IB_Query1.FieldByName('MySecondField').AsString := 'FooBar';
> .....

Sorry Florian, but IB_Query1.selected[I] don't change the actual
record I think, only test if RecNO gived is or not Selected...
I need first to PUT in this ROW before check any field.