Author Nando Dessena

R> TBlobField(Params.ParamByName('pGIF')).LoadFromFile(a1);
R> <------------- AV
R> // try
R> ExecProc;
R> // except ???
R> end;
R> end;
R> end;

R> This is probably due to the invalid typecase TBlobField.

For sure it is; when casting objects to the incorrect class type an AV
is about the best you can expect.

Depending on the version of IBO you are using, ParamByName returns an
instance of TParam or TIB_Column (the former is the correct one, as
modified in a recent IBO version). TParam has both LoadFromFile and
LoadFromStream methods. Not sure about TIB_Column - my IBO help is
screwed currently.

R> Also what would the try except block typically look like?

It depends on what you want to achieve.
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