Subject Re: [IBO] fbclient.dll instead of gds32.dll
Author Nando Dessena

H> I haven't discussed this matter with Jason (it all changed over the
H> holiday) but I'd be very surprised if he doesn't develop an alternative
H> strategy for IBO to find the client library, once the Fb 1.5 client stuff
H> gets bedded down. I'll have to do this for Kylix as well.

just an update: I am working exactly on that as part of my multiple
client library effort; I am currently stuck on a couple of points that
I will discuss with Jason when he becomes available again, since it
looks like he's been very busy lately. My problems with the IB_Session
stuff that I mentioned in another post are part of this as well.

Anyway... Once I get the IB_Session and the monitoring issues (and
possibly the connection pool stuff) sorted I should be able to send
the changes to Jason. I already have a demo application that loads
gds32.dll from the system dir and fbclient from the registry-supplied
path at the same time; my code is not really portable, though, so
you'll have to adapt it to make it work under Kylix.

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