Subject Re: [IBO] Server refuses my connection
Author Daniel Rail

At January 5, 2004, 09:34, colincoleman2002 wrote:

> we have a sbs2003 server running firebird 1.03.972, and has been
> fine till we restarted it over xmas, now when we use IBOdatabase
> connection or anything come to that we get connection refused. I am
> sure we had this before and just restarted the main server, but we
> have done this 7 times now warm and cold boot as well, we have
> checked the obvious gds_db setting in the services file and it looks
> fine, if I use IBExpert to test the connection either on the server
> or any client we get the same error stating:-

> Failed to connect to host on port gds_db Error Num 10035.

> we are running ISA server ,but we always have been and and it was
> all working before, the only help i can see is from Borland that
> says it could be the Mcafee Anti virus , and this must be
> uninstalled from the server (VERY BAD IDEA I THINK).

> So does anyone know how to actually track down this problem and fix
> it ?

Please post your problem on the Firebird-Support group. It is
off-topic for IBO, since it isn't related to IBO.

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