Subject Re: [IBO] Stored Procedure Changed Params not used!!
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:05 AM 30/09/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>I'm an ibo newbie in the middle of converting some bde code to ibo.
>I have a problem where a TIBOStoredProc will work the first time, but
>anytime after that it will continue to use the param values it used
>originally even though I have explicitly changed them.
>Unpreparing the stored-proc before setting the values, and preparing
>it after setting them doesn't help either.
>I noticed that someone had the same problem in msg# 16519 but
>unfortunately the thread ended with Helen Borrie dismissing this
>problem entirely because she couldn't comprehend how one could
>increment a generator in a stored procedure.

You picked an 18-month old message out of context. The comment at the time
was "You cannot call SET GENERATOR from a stored procedure". I wonder
whose comprehension is at issue here....

>I'll use Uwe's example as I thought it was pretty clear:
>Lets say I have a storedproc with 1 input param "AMOUNT" and 1 output
>param "RESULT". The storedproc simply increments a generator using
>gen_id by the value of AMOUNT and returns the value in the Result
>I am getting these results
>When it should look like:
>Has anyone found the fix to this problem?

You should provide a proper description of the problem:

1. What version of database and client are you using? <-- this really matters
2. What is the source for your stored procedure?
3. What is the sequence of events you are following to apply new values to
your input parameters (actual code needed).