Subject Re: posting error very weird
Author lalopus
I am no expert, but I think that if the "items" records are there,
there are two possibilities:
- the "produce" record was inserted (and somehow deleted later by
the same/another process)
- the "items" records were the result of another process and you are
assuming it was yours (this doesn't seem likely, but sometimes we're
tired and see "things happen"


--- In, "james_027" <james_027@y...> wrote:
> i have encoutered this problem twice. I have this table "produce"
> which have after insert trigger. What the trigger does is to
> the record on table "items". The problem is that after saving the
> records and I use savepoint like
> this "produce.ib_transaction.savepoint" to commit the work. After
> closing and re opening the table "produce" all the recently
> record where gone, but if I take a look at the table "items" I see
> that their is a change that take place, meaning the trigger on the
> table "produce" after insert where trigger but the record where
> save.
> What happen here? I didn't use cache update here, what else should
> check for?
> Although this happen very rare. But is it very annoying, because
> is a inventory application where it must be very accurate.