Subject Re: [IBO] Unknown Cursor
Author Jason Wharton
> I have an annoying "unknown cursor" exception which pops up from time to
> time. We've discussed this before and I know it's something to do with a
> dataset (and datasource) closing before a reliant dataset closes but I
> seem to be able to debug it. It happens when I call
> IB_Connection1.DefaultTransaction.Refresh(true);
> but of course, there's a lot going on here and there are a lot of datasets
> open and being committed...
> Does anyone have a good way of debugging this? (I mean apart from sitting
> for the next 6 hours on the F7 key?
> thanks

The best thing to do is distill things into a simple application (as
possible) and make steps which break it consistently. Then, with that in
place you can set customized breakpoints and drill in effectively.

Walking with F7 forever is an indication you are depriving yourself of
Delphi's awesome debugging capabilities.

From the hip, your problem is most likely doe to a missing KeyLinks

Jason Wharton