Subject Re: [IBO] Re: EOF BOF craziness
Author Paul Hope
Hi Marco

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> > Hi Paul
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> > I have to agree that Lester has made the the most convincing
> arguement for
> > the IBO way - so to my mind the solution would be to to have NextRec and
> > PriorRec functions that would behave like the navbar.
> >
> > I'm exhausted now - so I'm going for a lie down.
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> > Regards
> > Paul
> I encountered the problem of EOF/BOF difference with BDE in the code
> of FastREPORT, that with conditional compilation produces report
> components that work with native IBO components.
> So I asked IBO not to have different methods, but a flag that will
> make stanard Next/Prior methods work like BDE does. This will ease the
> production of components that support IBO native ones. If you
> introduce this new methods, FastREPORT code will be full of coditiona
> compilation or need to be redesigned, something bad or difficoult to have.
> regards
> Marco Menardi
I think if I had your problem, and in view of all the arguments in this
thread, I would be tempted to create a TIB_FastReportQuery and override the
Next/Prior methods.