Subject IB_Grid
Hello group,

with IBO 4.x, we have a serious problem when editing
values in the grid. The problem (to demonstrate) is as follows :

* take a ib_grid and size it so, that a few rows (e.g. 5) are visible
* bind to it a dataset with more rows than the visible gridrows
* move to the first row and enter edit state
* do not post the changes !
* now scroll with the slider down to one of the unvisible rows, (e.g. row 10)
* try to edit the row

- you will end up to edit a different row than you expected to.
There is a mismatch in locating the right datarow.

I spent a few hours to get in the code, but I wasn´t able to fix it :-(

So, IBO Power-Developers - is anyone able to fix this ugly bug ?

If you need a demo appl. to demonstrate the bug, please let me know.

Thanks a lot