Subject Re: [IBO] large lookup table problem
Author IB Objects
> large lookup table problem
> I have a TIB_lookupcombo setup. during the insert or edit mode when
> the TIB_lookupcombo is being used I feel like it is very slow since
> the Lookup table is very large ... Any suggestion or guidelines to
> improve its performance?

Setup OrderingItems and OrderingLinks on the table and in the OrderingLinks
put an entry as follows:


You can expirement with different values for POS.

e.g. If you have a range of integers that are all 6 digits then you would
set POS to 6 so that it wouldn't attempt a search until you entered the 6th

If you have a lot of names, like over 200,000 then you may not want
incremental searching to start until you get to the 4th or 5th character so
you can put a different amount for POS there.

Jason Wharton