Subject Re: FW: IBO seems slower for some things compared with the BDE
Author stanw1950
If you are using a TIBODatabase component try using the
SchemaCacheDir property. This greatly improved the initial
performance for us. When the schema cache files do not exist, the
first user in will cause them to be created. When the metadata for
your database changes just delete the cache files and they will be
recreated automatically again.

I put it in the same directory where the application is in a "schema"
directory (and there will be another directory with the database name
in this directory):

MyDb.SchemaCacheDir := ExtractFilePath(Application.ExeName)
+ 'Schema';

Stan Walker

--- In, "Peter McLeod" <PeterMcLeod@p...>
> > I have an application which I have just ported from the BDE to
IBO. I then noticed that the application took longer to load
compared with the same application using the BDE (48 seconds compared
to 6 seconds).
> >
> > In order to quantify where the differences were, I then used
Sleuth stopwatch to time the two programs. During this time I
noticed that IBO seemed to be slow as it was retrieving information
about the database (according to Codewatch the time differences
coudld be attributable to the functions/procedures
SchemaIndexDefinitions, SchemaDefaultedCols and SchemaProcedureInfo,
SchemaPrimaryKeyInfo from IB_Schema.pas, and SysGetBlobData from
> >
> > On the whole examing the time taken for other processes was
faster than using the BDE, it was the retrieval of the database
information which slowed the whole thing down.
> >
> > Does anyone know why IBO needs to retrieve this information, or
could it be in the porting I have a BDE setting which is causing
things to slow down?
> >
> > Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
> >
> > Regards
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> > Peter Mc Leod
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