Subject Re: [IBO] Links question
Author Tim Ledgerwood
>No, you should avoid SQL-89 (implicit) joins like the plague. If you do
>avoid them, JoinLinks has no function whatsoever.

OK - thanks. I won't bother to RTFM then :-)

>Another "no-no" is what's termed "mixed syntax". It's bad SQL and the
>parser should bump it (as I *think* the Fb 1.5 parser does now do). It
>looks like this:
>select t1.pk1, t1.pk2, t1.col1, t1.col2, t2.cola, t2.colb
>from atable t1
>join btable t2
>on t2.fk1 = t1.pk1
>where t2.fk2 = t1.pk2 <-- a join criterion is pushed down into a where clause

After this was pointed out to me on the Firebird forum, I have gone through
my SQL and eliminated all.

Thanks again


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