Subject Re: [IBO] Getting Started Guide ???
Author james_027
Thanks for your insight Svein Erling, it really helps me decide

--- In, Svein Erling Tysvaer
<svein.erling.tysvaer@k...> wrote:
> The Getting Started Guide (GSG) is very good, e.g. it would have
shown you
> how to get the lookupcombo to work in a grid quite easily (and I
use it
> whenever I need that). However, you have asked lots of questions on
> list and may have learnt most of what the GSG teaches already. I
> think it goes much deeper that lookupcomboes in a grid, so if
you've got
> the hang of this, you may be too skilled for the GSG to be of the
> value it has for newcomers.
> And yes, $30 is not much here in the western parts of Europe, it
takes me
> less than two hours to earn that.
> Set