Subject Re: [IBO] ISAPI / multithread
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:16 AM 24/06/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>I am using d5, Ent, IBO V5 to create an ISAPI dll.
>I am still using the the BDE-equivalents - tiboQuery with a
>tIboDatabase on the webmodule.
>In this case, in order to be multi-threaded, do I need to use an


>or the standard Delphi-tSession?


> if it is an ib_session,
>apart from dropping the component on the webmodule
> are there any
>additional properties etc that I need to set to make sure the DLL
>handles the multiple calls correctly?

Just make sure that the ib_session is the first thing in the creation
order. That way, everything created inside the module will attach to that
ib_session instead of the default one for the application.

>Are there any other 'pitfalls' or things that I need to be aware of
>when using IBO in a DLL?

The main pitfall isn't an IBO one, it's with the client. You'll be running
the client on the web host server...if you are also using the same host
machine for the database server, make sure the ib_connection connects to
localhost, using cpTCP_IP. (This is called TCP/IP local loopback. You
don't need a NIC installed for it to work.) Don't use Windows local
connection (cpLOCAL), or your client instances will trample all over one
another in the inter-process communication space and derail the train. It
is *not* a pretty exercise cleaning up after an ISAPI train smash.

Make sure your HOSTS file has a localhost entry: localhost # Local loopback server